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  • cathedral length feather veil

    Feather Veil

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  • plain long veil

    Plain Soft Luscious Veil

    $140.00$405.00 Select options
  • scattered pearl veil

    Heavily Decorated Scattered Pearl Veil

    $399.00$440.00 Select options
  • scattered pearl blusher veil

    Scattered Pearl Blusher Veil

    $215.00$340.00 Select options
  • glitter veil

    Sparkle Tulle Veil

    $330.00$435.00 Select options
  • lace trim veil

    Soft Tulle Veil with Ribbon Edge

    $140.00$299.00 Select options
  • dainty polka dot veil

    Large or Dainty Polka Dot Veil

    $180.00$279.00 Select options
  • bridal robe

    Beatrix Robe

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  • Florence Robe

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  • pink bridal chemise

    Rose Midi Chemise

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  • bridal nightie

    Rose Mini Chemise

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  • luxury bridal pyjamas

    Rose Camisole ​& Shortie Set

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