Do you offer customisations and custom gowns?

Yes! We are yet to come across a request for a customisation or custom gown we haven't been able to accomodate. Often a gown is perfect except for one small detail.

i.e It's strapless and you want straps!


We also offer custom gowns as long as we are working with existing patterns and fabrics from our collection. For example; You may fall in love with the skirt of dress one, the top of dress two & the fabric of dress 3.


There's no reason you can't have the dress of your dreams so long as it's possible from a design perspective. Natalie, our founder is an expert in her field & can work closely with you to ensure you feel confident in your decisions when you choose a custom bridal gown with Natalie Rose Bridal.


Custom gowns typically range from  $3600 to $7000, they are not necessarily more expensive than our existing designs. It all comes down to the time required to make the gown and the fabric selection. 

How many people can I bring to my fitting?

We have a beautiful space that comfortably sits 5 people including the bride. If you wish to bring more people to your appointment please let us know in advance.

How long are appointments?

Bridal consultations are upto 90 minutes long

Do you hire/rent out your gowns?

Unfortunately we do not hire out our gowns but we do have samples available for purchase for those with a lower budget!

What if I can’t try a dress on because of my size?

We have lots of magical ways of pulling dresses in or extending dresses out to give you a clear idea of what the gown will look like. We may also have other gowns in your size that are similar to try on to allow you to get a good idea of fit. 99% of brides require dresses to be extended or pulled in during a consultation so please do not let this worry you, it’s normal. 

Do you offer alterations?

Yes! Sarah the seamstress will take care of any of your alteration requirements. Sarah will be at your fitting when your gown arrives to consult with you on alteration requirements. You are also more than welcome to take care of your alterations independently, please just let us know prior so we don't book Sarah if she's not required.ᅠ

Do you stock plus size gowns?

Yes! Our wedding dress samples range from Size 8 - 18 and we can normally accommodate up to Size 22 for try ons.

Eva Lendel and can be made to your own measurements (additional fee for this service) or up to standard size 30.

Vera Wang Gowns can be made up-to size 30ᅠ

PLEASE refer to each gowns description for the store sample sizes.ᅠ

How much are wedding dresses?

Our gowns range from $3500 to $6990.ᅠ

Eva Lendel ranges $3500 to $6500 with most sitting between $3800 to $5000

Vera Wang ranges from $5500 to $6990 with most sitting between $5500 to $6300

We also have a range of beautiful gowns in our sample sale that price from $500 to $2500.ᅠ

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes absolutely, we'd require a deposit which would be as little as 1/3rd of the dress price and create a payment plan for the rest to be paid over time.

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Consult with Natalie

What’s Included:

♥ Exclusive access to the boutique
♥ 90 minute 1 on 1 consultation with Natalie
♥ Bride + 4 guests
♥ Bottle of bubbly.

Standard Consultation

What’s Included:

♥ Exclusive access to the boutique
♥ 90 minute 1 on 1 consultation with one of our fab consultants
♥ Bride + 4 guests
♥ Bottle of bubbly.

You’ll find us at 237 Parnell Road and can reach us at 022 1976 714 or email [email protected]

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