Our Story

I grew up watching my mother, an incredible seamstress, create the most exquisite gowns for many brides. I would watch these beautiful women from afar turn into queens as my mother diligently worked and created what could only be explained as a dress fit for a princess. I yearned for the day I would be standing there, being fitted and fussed over by my mother.

Young Natalie

I have never been a women who cared for many possessions but I always dreamed of the day my mother could make my wedding dress, something I could cherish for years to come that was created by my mother.

Her craftsmanship and love forever stitched into the gown I wore to solidify my love on my wedding day.

Some possessions are more than just possessions they are talismans and should be kept and cherished for as long as they remain.

When my mother told me she couldn’t make my dress due to her eyesight being so poor and struggling to see white on white, I was devastated. This was not something I had planned for…

Once I came to terms with the fact I would have to buy from a boutique as custom made was far too expensive I started delving into the boutiques on offer in NZ. I quickly realised what I was searching for, just wasn’t here.

expert bridal seamstress
Natalie from Natalie Rose Bridal Boutique

This is how Natalie Rose Bridal was born. I want to offer brides THE dress, the dress of their dreams. We stock exclusive European designers, not offered anywhere else in NZ.

I know how special choosing your dress is and I've curated a space and experience that you will cherish forever because we believe it’s ALL ABOUT THE DRESS.

So if you're ready to take the next step, book in an appointment. See you soon!

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